Noah’s Ark Silver Jubilee Celebration 2012

March 30, 2012 at 6:48 pm

To mark the 25 years of hard work and commitment, Noah’s Ark celebrated its silver Jubilee on 3rd January 2012. We decided to keep the celebration at our premises and set up the decorations in our factory.  The invitations were sent out to all our artisans and families, especially to our Fair Trade Federation committee india and to all those who helped Noah’s Ark reach this stage.  This was a huge celebration for us, and we ensured everything was professionally done. We called a Patashi group from Rajasthan to perform different cultural dances for our attendees. We appointed a moderator our employee Mrs. Sunita to make announcements in the middle and lead the program in a timely manner.  The program started at 7pm, with an opening prayer from our pastor Rev. Brijesh Mansell, followed by a Welcome from Mr.Julius kumar where he said a few words about this silver jubilee and welcomed everyone. This was followed by a special dance from the children of our sponsored school asha kiran. After the dance a lighting ceremony was held where we invited 10 important people who contributed to the success of Noah’s Ark.  This was followed by a speech from the Director of FTF India, where he explained the meaning of fair trade and gave a few real life experiences to encourage our artisans.  In between many special gifts were presented to Mr Niamat Masih, Mr. Samuel Masih, Mr. Shammi Masih and Mr. Raju Masih from different artisans and employees.  A special combination of dances followed from the patashi group where people really enjoyed their performances. After the dance performances one of our main artisans Mr.Kamrul Hassan had an opportunity to say a few words about his journey with Noah’s Ark. This was followed by two speeches from our employee Harswaroop Singh and Indul Singh where they both said how grateful they were to Noah’s Ark and its commitment to its workers. Another dance performance was held by the Patashi group, after the performance Mr. Ramashanker said a few words about his experience with Noah’s Ark, this was followed by a speech from Mr. Samuel Masih who spoke about Noah’s Ark, how it was started, why it was started, and the future of Noah’s Ark along with a thank you to all those that made this program a success.  Another dance performance was given by the Patashi group. This was followed by a concluding speech from Mr. Niamat Masih, who spoke about the challenges faced before starting Noah’s Ark, the amount of hard work that went in to expand Noah’s Ark and encouraged the employees to be loyal and understand what Noah’s Ark stands for.  The patashi group continued to perform for the attendees while dinner was served (Vegetarian Food Only). After finishing dinner, all the employees and family members went on the roof and lit firecrackers to celebrate this occasion.  The music was played, the employees, members of the family all danced to different songs to show appreciation of hard work.