Measuring our impact

October 25, 2012 at 12:30 pm

Metalwork artisans, Noah's Ark India

In our 2011 Fiscal Year (April 2011-March 2012), Noah’s Ark International Exports dedicated $25,098 (USD) to the social initiatives run through Noah’s Ark Handicrafts and Artisan Welfare Society. You can imagine that this figure makes us quite proud! Noah’s Ark was founded on giving back to the communities we work with, and we continue to make it a top priority of our work.

Each day, Noah’s Ark International Exports provides a sustainable source of income for the artisan groups we work with through the business we receive. With over 49 artisan groups employed, made up of over 500 artisans, we are creating jobs and providing fair wages to an ever-increasing number of people. But we know that our workers need more than just an income to break the cycle of poverty. Based on requests from artisans over the years, Noah’s Ark Handicrafts and Artisan Welfare Society has chosen to focus on education, clean water, health, and capacity building initiatives.

Here are a few bold numbers that demonstrate the impact these initiatives have been able to achieve:

Project Umeed
20 independent artisan workshops established through Noah’s Ark guidance and support
$20,000 (USD) in grants and no– or low– interest loans to artisans for vital equipment purchases and business development

Project Ashakiran
3 schools established and run by Noah’s Ark
225 children educated in 2011-2012 school year alone
$0 cost to families for their children to attend these schools

Project Pyas
10 homes/workshops received water pipe fittings, pump motor and storage tanks to provide continual access to running water
30 water filters distributed to artisans and factory workers
290 estimated workers and family members given access to clean water since 2010 program founding

Project Disha
33 women currently attending the one-year program
100 women trained in the vocational stitching school since 2010 founding

Health Initiatives
650+ workers and family members received free dental, eye and medical screenings in 2012

*All figures current as of October 2012